Space and Digital Poetry

Mt. Evans, Colorado
Mt. Evans, Colorado


I like to get in a space

calm, cool, without conditions

between or on the brink of seasons

when it’s perfect outside

underneath a blanket when it’s cold or

serenity circling my head.

The best places are peaceful

a warm sun with fresh breeze

so that where ever I go

loving equanimity stays

deep in my breast my

breath caressing my lungs

in even slow cadence like savoring

sweet cream on my lips.



In white fields of text

and image surfing away time

huge waves foam

gleam, catching our eyes

Runnels of thoughts

in all directions

grazing in unmethodical ways

forgetting what the first

search was whittling

away wood increasing

emotions pulling at seams

are you more informed

or just scattered in a digital vortex?