Autumn Love Poetry


Gold coins high against gray sky

a still morning

deadly quiet.

A burning orb emerges

reminding me of love

illuminated mysterious

light when he peaks,

beauty unfolding

blooming like a yellow rose.

I close my eyes

feel warm rays

gently massaging

my skin in a cold

house, a cold fall

day fading into

winter outside leaves


like colorful ballerinas

in a dance toward

death mulches frozen soil

soon layered with

frosty powdered white

a world with beauty

that’s much more so

with brilliant billows

spontaneous blazing streaks

your fingers,

a love as bright as the sun.


Moon Poetry

The moon is always there
early morning slivers
dusky evening full blooms
powerful as love in a woman’s eyes.

Whether resting or traveling
I need her consistent peace
gentle undulating waters
in my heart and soul.

She shines, beams
beckons ocean waves, sprouts,
harvests; I shall tip toe
among gardens blessed
bathing in her lunar light.

My favorite Pablo Neruda Love Poems

Valentines Day Orchids from my hubby

I’ve read Pablo Neruda’s The Captain’s Verses (1972) a few times, the copy I have comes in English and Spanish versions of the poems.  Below are my favorite poems from Captains Verses, they literally bring tears to my eyes on every read.  Ah, el amor.  Happy Valentines Day!


I have named you queen.

There are taller ones than you, taller.

There are purer ones than you, purer.

There are lovelier than you, lovelier.

But you are the queen.

When you go through the streets

no one recognizes you.

No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks

at the carpet of red gold

that you tread as you pass,

the nonexistent carpet.

And when you appear all the rivers sound

in my body, bells

shake the sky, and a hymn fills the world.

Only you and I,

only you and I, my love,

listen to it.



I am the tiger.

I lie in wait for you among leaves

broad as ingots

of wet mineral.

The white river grows

beneath the fog. You come.

Naked you submerge.

I wait.

Then in a leap of fire, blood, teeth,

with a claw slash I tear away

your bosom, your hips.

I drink your blood, I break

your limbs one by one.

And I remain watching

for years in the forest

over your bones, your ashes,

motionless, far

from hatred and anger,

disarmed in your death,

crossed by lianas,

motionless in the rain,

relentless sentinel

of my murderous love.



I have hurt you, my dear,

I have torn your soul.

Understand me.

Everyone knows who I am,

but that “I am”

is besides a man

for you.

In you I waver, fall

and rise up burning.

You among all beings

have the right

to see me weak.

And your little hand

of bread and guitar

must touch my breast

when it goes off to fight.

That’s why I seek in you the firm stone.

Harsh hands I sink in your blood

seeking your firmness

and the depth that I need,

and if I find

only your metallic laughter, if I find

nothing on which to support my harsh steps

adored one, accept

my sadness and my anger,

my enemy hands

destroying you a little

so that you may rise from the clay

refashioned for my struggles.



Your whole body has

a fullness or a gentleness destined for me.

When I move my hand up

I find in each place a dove

that was seeking me, as

if they had, love, made you of clay

for my own potter’s hands.

Your knees, your breasts,

your waist

are missing parts of me like the hollow

of a thirsty earth

from which they broke off

a form,

and together

we are complete like a single river,

like a single grain of sand.

Old poems I found again


Your beauty washes over me

A warm rain on a summer evening

Imaginary perfume from distant roses.


A flame cannot be burnt

Passion painted in heated strokes

Brilliant colors and shapes consuming


Words with multifaceted surface

Diamonds scattered in the wind.


There’s a great awakening

ushered with cavernous winds

beckoning, weaving

dark thread bends

heaving extracting

meaningful gems.


Solar flares kiss

your cheeks with energy

given beauty smitten

hard hitting then rest

the eclipse peels

citrus zest my breast

falls with exhale.


Conquer leisure when

vigor ends tea cup steamy

nourishing ital very small

moments shine in your eye

her hips make you high

enlightened feverish skies.

Love & Life Poetry

My love’s eyes are

warm green waters

steaming natural springs

to dip comfortably in

opening you

sing your songs

I’m drawn to.

Pools of liquid sun

shining over my

face, breasts, legs

warming limbs, lips

healing my heart

I hope my gaze

has the same effect.


Life is a nectar

sap-drizzled bark

regenerating, growing

dying, recycling, voices

whisper well after

they are gone

pushing us gently

palms open, smiling

laughing while wisps

of hair frame sparkling

eyes…then fade

the light dims, but the sun

rises again & again.

Hearts are made, broken,

survive, thrive because

you are meant to.