Emily Dickinson and New Beginnings


This spring brings wonderful gifts, not only the gifts of nature but new beginnings in my life, a new house and a new academic commitment.  As I was browsing through my books I came across ‘Final Harvest’ by Emily Dickinson, a book of poems I hadn’t opened in a while.  I was struck by the eloquence of Ms. Dickinson’s pithy vocabulary and unique rhetoric through syntax and style.  This poem resonated with me and decided it was worth resurrecting with my blog.



If something makes sense to you then do it if it feels right.  Your endeavors will always come back to you no matter how long it takes, when the time is right it will happen.  That is what I’m taking away from this time in my life and in essence this poem reflects these feelings for me and with succinct splendor.

Carpe Diem Poetry

Druids Celebrate The Summer Solstice At Stonehenge

I’m waiting for the solstice

for my zenith too

a feeling so adamine

swaying dress, liberating wind

naked swimming & skin

upon cool morning air

percolating pleasures

or pain sobering reality

challenges of chess

preventing royal deaths

resurrecting moments from

brinks of falling cliffs,

stings, stimuli, songs

that make arm hairs stand

give me life, pregnant

thoughts, streams of

clear water vacillations

experiences so high

as humanly as possible

before I die.


Old poems I found again


Your beauty washes over me

A warm rain on a summer evening

Imaginary perfume from distant roses.


A flame cannot be burnt

Passion painted in heated strokes

Brilliant colors and shapes consuming


Words with multifaceted surface

Diamonds scattered in the wind.


There’s a great awakening

ushered with cavernous winds

beckoning, weaving

dark thread bends

heaving extracting

meaningful gems.


Solar flares kiss

your cheeks with energy

given beauty smitten

hard hitting then rest

the eclipse peels

citrus zest my breast

falls with exhale.


Conquer leisure when

vigor ends tea cup steamy

nourishing ital very small

moments shine in your eye

her hips make you high

enlightened feverish skies.

Love & Life Poetry

My love’s eyes are

warm green waters

steaming natural springs

to dip comfortably in

opening you

sing your songs

I’m drawn to.

Pools of liquid sun

shining over my

face, breasts, legs

warming limbs, lips

healing my heart

I hope my gaze

has the same effect.


Life is a nectar

sap-drizzled bark

regenerating, growing

dying, recycling, voices

whisper well after

they are gone

pushing us gently

palms open, smiling

laughing while wisps

of hair frame sparkling

eyes…then fade

the light dims, but the sun

rises again & again.

Hearts are made, broken,

survive, thrive because

you are meant to.