Nocturne Poetry


Tonight there are nocturne melodies

dancing about my room,

just before in the cerulean dusk

among fresh rain smells on pavement

ceased drops, slight sprinkles

t’was the gentle spring

chirping chatter of birds

outside my window

singing sweetly of tonight

and of the final resting

the last sunset up ahead;

how I wish it to be as simple

and beautiful as these cradling notes

the rhythmic stanzas of breath

like sleep on an evanescence sea.

Carpe Diem Poetry

Druids Celebrate The Summer Solstice At Stonehenge

I’m waiting for the solstice

for my zenith too

a feeling so adamine

swaying dress, liberating wind

naked swimming & skin

upon cool morning air

percolating pleasures

or pain sobering reality

challenges of chess

preventing royal deaths

resurrecting moments from

brinks of falling cliffs,

stings, stimuli, songs

that make arm hairs stand

give me life, pregnant

thoughts, streams of

clear water vacillations

experiences so high

as humanly as possible

before I die.