Merry Food & Drink

Biscochito Cookies
Biscochito Cocoa cookies.

Christmas time and Hanukkah mean many things to people all over the world, but one common essential aspect of all cultures is the making and sharing of good food and drinks with your loved ones.  These dishes and drinks were some of my favorite food creations this year, feel free to share your favorite dishes and drinks too.

My mother and I baked Biscochitos Cookies a couple of weekends ago, these cookies are a New Mexico recipe but also referred to as the Mexican Wedding cookies, or Mantecados cookies in Spain.  The anise spice is really what distinguishes this cookie for me, along with the lard which my mom substituted for organic butter, and brandy (which we used bourbon instead) along with adding optional cocoa chocolate.

Egg casserole and a mimosa.

My husband and I also made our egg casserole Christmas morning, a traditional breakfast we picked up from his mom.  It’s basically seasoned diced green bell peppers, mushrooms, bacon, ham, onions, cheese and whipped eggs (potatoes if you want) baked at 375 degrees F for 45 minutes.  We drank dark roast organic sumatra coffee and my favorite Christmas drink – mimosas – fresh orange juice and chardonnay champagne.

Memorable food mentions I don’t have pictures for were my aunt and uncle’s Apple Pie Taquitos for Christmas Eve dinner and my sister’s chicken mole without cocoa but with red chili powder and tomatoes for a red sauce my grandmother used to make.

Filet mignon, scallops, honey-glazed roasted root veggies, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.


For Christmas Day dinner we decided to spoil ourselves and grilled filet mignon, pan seared scallops with butter, chardonnay, lemon juice and garlic.  I also baked a honey-glazed roasted root vegetable dish with golden and red beets, parsnips, and carrots in olive oil, honey, sherry vinegar and thyme.  We also made mashed red potatoes and gravy and the simple but delicious traditional green bean casserole.  For drink we paired the food with red cabernet sauvignon wine.

Right now I am enjoying a book and a glass of Baptist Imperial Stout with cocoa and coffee aged in whiskey barrels.

Imperial Stout with cocoa, coffee aged in whisky barrels.

What a great time of year for everyone but especially for foodies.  Food means love and should revitalize, evoke good memories, emotions and tantalize tastebuds.  Sugar plump fairies will definitely be dancing in my head on this snowy white Christmas.

Need Christmas Music?

Elf Cat
Our cat Grizzly in her Elf hat.

I made this mix in ableton live a few years ago and I still listen to it every year at Christmas.  It’s a fun chilled out mix of early Dubstep, Grime and Dub with Christmas music samples peppered in.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday activities while listening to this mix if you so please.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

DJ Aporia | Jingledub Mix  Playlist | Download



Listen here:

This mix is now included in a playlist I created in Spotify of Christmas music, it includes Dub, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Electronica and classic hits.