Summer Poetry


Three years ago

I was lost in the streets

of Barcelona.

Baring it all on the platja

speaking broken spanish

to confused mostly kind


the Arc de Triompf

loomed red in a dying sunset

grandmothers on the bus

their loving sagging arms around

babies and children

on playgrounds

interspersed in the city

Gaudi’s fingerprints

everywhere, those

aqua fossils of nature,

Sagrada looking like a dream

patches of a quilt

from stretches of time

how did I find myself

in this reverie?

A flicker of quantum physics

I’ll visit your ancient colorful gothic

runnels one day again.

I can taste the langosta

and chilaquetes as if it were


From Pictures of the Gone World by Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

As I am faced with death in my family this summer, I’d like to dedicate this poem to my Uncle James Valdez and Grandma Cordy Valdez:


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