It is in this space that I fail

intended for a chance pass

with a soul who can see my humanity

words and works not meant

to be commodities

but precious eggs

fertilized by experiences of love.

How objective can we be in this

constant society of spectacles?

I can be inspired by the full moon

the glow of dusk

the shy acquiescence in a smile

an animal’s quiet beauty.

Do I need mass media?

Does it make us more informed citizens?

Or more conformed citizens?

Can we not see what it is a means to our end?

When did we find comfort in formula?

Where is the balance and unconditioned drala?

I suffer from the absence

of true connection that comes

from absolute senses untouched

by false realities.

The beauty of a ceremony

is that it has been tried before

but the right ingredients and events

unfold spontaneously,

whispered by a medicine woman

like potent incense trailing up to a

starless night sky.


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