Fine Eco-Friendly Coffee Drinking

Coffee demand is expected to increase by 25% in the next five years globally so if you are a coffee drinker like I am, why not pay attention to not only the quality but also to how your coffee consumption can be eco-friendly?  This can be done by simply reading the labels on your coffee bag before you buy it and by becoming aware of the eco-friendly ways of brewing and discarding the waste.   Head on over to CustomMade’s article titled How to Make More Eco-Friendly Coffee for an educational read on greening your coffee experience.

Coffee Certifications

As a coffee consumer, I usually support my local coffee shops and roasters and buy USDA Organic or Fair Trade coffee, but I wasn’t really aware or knowledgeable about the Rainforest Alliance and Bird Friendly certifications ensuring sustainable and high environmental standards in growing coffee.   After reading the article I also decided to finally dish out the money for a French Press for not only the quality of coffee in brewing that way but to cut back on paper filters.  Outdoor garden season is upon us and the  coffee ground waste we do produce can be used to compost our soil.  Further, I’m glad that I now know more about Arabica coffee, the finest coffee beans you can get due to ideal growing conditions.  My favorite kind of coffee, Sumatra comes from the Arabica species so that’s good to know!

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