Denver’s Latte Art Coffee Scene

Latte ArtLast Thursday night I went to Crema Coffee House on 28th and Larimer in Denver to cover a Latte Art competition called the Thursday Throwdown, which also coincided with Crema’s 5th Birthday.  I wrote a review on it for the 303 Magazine, read it here!  It’s my debut piece as a Food and Booze writer for 303 and I’m happy to say I’ll be writing on more food and drink events, restaurants, coffee houses and hopefully breweries in Colorado.

As a side note from my piece, I really wasn’t aware of this monthly or the growing latte art community before this event.  After a bit of research I see that other states also do a Thursday Throwdown and there is a U.S. Latte Art competition every year as well.  Event go-ers told me that the national latte art movement has really only been going on for 5 or 6 years so it’s a fairly new thing.  It’s a refreshing phenomenon since it’s local businesses uplifting each other with community building, exposure and a bit of sport adding excitement and meaning to the world of coffee.  It’s also a home-grown movement in the sense of where they get their coffee beans, since for Crema they get their coffee beans from 4 Colorado grocers ranked in the top 12 grocers in the nation.  Not to mention that this really is art, it takes tact and skill to make these designs and the results are often quite beautiful.

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